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The True Spirit Of
Scorpion Karate




     A true martial artist or practitioner must have a positive, unrelenting spirit. As a student or Kyo-bum-Nim (Instructor) of Scorpion Karate you must develop an artistic understanding as well as physical skills and factual knowledge. An aggressive spirit must be tempered by inner calmness and humility. Developing the true spirit of Scorpion Karate, will give you the confidence, courage and self-control to remain calm but reactive in the face of intensity.



     Our Head Sa-bum-Nim (Master) or Black Belts are world class athletes and have achieved this level of skill while still holding down full-time jobs, going to school, etc . This is made possible by careful and efficient class design. In a Scorpion Karate class, you will get full cardiovascular benefits, full strength training benefits, full whole-body coordination benefits, and full range-of-motion benefits. That’s why it is good to listen to your Instructor. Sure, your Instructor could give you an easy class, never push you mentally or physically, not demand your best, overlook things that you need to work on, never yell, always smile, give you a belt that you have not earned, but it wouldn’t be Scorpion karate, would it? The techniques in the Belt patterns in Scorpion Karate will help find and define your style of fighting or self-defense, to help in your protection in the real world. In the Scorpion Karate class, you get a second chance to get it right or correct what’s wrong; in real life situation, you don’t!