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Arick J Copeland began his journey with USKA Martial Arts in 2007, where he became the advertising director and assistance to Master Issachar James at the Enterprise USKA Dojo. After persevering in his training and setting the standard for other students in the Dojo Sensei Arick J Copeland was inducted into the USKA Martial Arts leadership program in 2008 and was given the title Sempai (Senior Student).  Arick J Copeland was the first and only student to obtain that title.


After his continuation of training and competing in martial arts, Arick J Copeland became the first student to achieve Black Belt in kickboxing, in USKA.  In 2009, when Arick  J Copeland went to receive his certification in Brentwood, Tennessee Master James had carefully examined the loyalty, dedication, duty, obligation and honor in the dojo and promoted Arick J Copeland to 1st Degree Black belt in the USKA Kickboxing program and gave him the title Sensei (Instructor).


In 2010, Sensei Copeland became a certified Kickboxing Instructor in the United Scorpion Karate Association. As years pass by Sensei Copeland continued to push forward learning both programs of Kickboxing and Scorpion Karate.


In 2012, Soke Master Issachar M. James Promoted Sensei Copeland to the rank of Nidan, (2nd Degree Black Belt). Sensei Copeland has become an example and role model that many USKA members admire. Sensei Copeland currently functions as a Board of Director for the United Scorpion Karate Association.