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Master Issachar M James is the chief instructor and currently holds the rank of 6th Dan (6th Degree Blackbelt). He is recognized as the Soke (Founder) and Master instructor of the United Scorpion Karate Association inc. And school of kickboxing. Master James charts the path of the (USKA) dojo for the future. Master James also sets the curriculum and guidelines for the United Scorpion Karate Association.


Master James holds rank and is internationally certified through the (IKSA) to determine belt promotions and advancements in scorpion karate and scorpion kickboxing. Master James has a vast wealth of wisdom and knowledge that sets the example of skill that everyone aspires to obtain and strive toward through his teaching and leadership. The passion, dedication and commitment to the art of scorpion karate and the United Scorpion Karate Association by Master James demonstrate the benefits of the right attitude and tenets we stand by: Self-control, Courage, Opportunity, Respect, Perseverance, Integrity and Obviate. Master James also demonstrates the benefits of the right attitude and oath we stand by in the USKA: Loyalty, Dedication, Duty, Obligation and Honor.


Master / Soke (Founder) Issachar M. James began training in the martial arts in 1987 under Grand Master Robert l. Smith of Bryant Texas who currently holds the rank of 9th Dan, in the American Karate Black Belt Association. Master Robert l. Smith was the first instructor to take in Master James as a student in the art. Master James Continued to study and learn from the private one on one Instruction.


Master James continued his training knowing his goal were to one day follow the path of his role model who he admired, Soke Bruce Lee / founder of (Jeet Kune Do) and one day create his own style of martial arts and be inducted in the society of Soke as well. Master James then began training in a variety of styles and systems with well-known instructors, Masters and Grand Masters such as: Master Kim, of the International Taekwondo Federation, Master David Koda /Micheal Piercen of US Yoshukai Karate, Sensei Len Dorby / Jo Siler, of Mojukai Karate, Grand Master Han Min Kyo, of World Taekwondo Alliance, Instructor Jack Scanlon, of American Taekwondo Association and International Taekwondo Alliance and    Grand Master Willis of Ohdukwan. Master James also received private lessons and trained intensively in styles such as: Wushu Kung-Fu, judo, Hapkido & Kickboxing. Master James also received guidance of the with Professor Gallop Franklin of Tallahassee, Fl 10th Dan.


Master instructor / Soke (Founder) Issachar M James, after beginning his training in 1987-1997, was called upon by the media, the troy progress. By doing so, Master James was asked to give an interview of his mysterious and unique style of martial arts, scorpion karate. This style made the largest article and headlines on August 17, 1997 in (Pike County) the state of Alabama.


Master / Soke (Founder) Issachar M James, on January 1, 2005 after 18 or more years of training decided to joined the Independent Karate Schools of America (IKSA), an International and Worldwide support and sanctioning organization.


This organization has been established for 30 or more years.


This organization allowed the dojo to be chartered by Grand Master Floyd Burk, the founder of the IKSA, and directors such as: Grand Master Danny Chapman, Grand Master Bernie Fritz and many more board members. On March 2, 2005 Master James opened his first dojo to the public known as the (USKA), United Scorpion Karate Academy in Enterprise Alabama. In doing so, Master James became one of the youngest businessmen and the founder and Master instructor of a new style and system of martial arts. This style took (18 or more years) to evolve into an effective method of unarmed self-defense and sport.


What's scorpion karate? First and foremost, scorpion karate to (Issachar M. James) is a ministry, secondly a sport, thirdly an exercise discipline program. Scorpion Karate is the most effective method of unarmed self-defense in which directed or focused blows of the hands and feet, accompanied by special breathing and shouts, are dealt from poised positions. This art is Japanese based martial arts, known as karate which dates back more than 1000 years in eastern Asia. This is also a Korean based martial arts, known as Taekwondo that dates back hundreds of years to Tae- Kyon in Korea which evolved to an international art. With these martial art styles combined and revised together into one system, Master Issachar M. James has developed a unique style of martial arts known as Scorpion Karate. This system is now known as the United Scorpion Karate Association.


Master James also teaches (Scorpion Kickboxing). What's scorpion kickboxing? Scorpion kickboxing will teach you how to develop balance, endurance and so much more. You will learn how to combine different training aids to develop power, speed and accuracy therefore creating balance all at once. Scorpion kickboxing teaches you proper blocking middle kicks and head kicks, evading and blocking front kicks, countering kicks, kicking attacks with counters, and countering hands. This unique style of scorpion kickboxing, the fighting system of scorpion karate, will strengthen the parts of the body in order to learn Master and achieve all necessary movements, in order to effectively apply USKA techniques. By doing so, each scorpion karate practitioner will develop Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding of the art in USKA.


Master James has been ranked, competed and has won several Regional,World & National Championships around the world such as: the Alabama Karate Circuit and was rated as one of the Top competitors. A few of these tournaments were: syrup city opens championship Fayette al, optimist park karate championship Huntsville, AL, Hartselle Karate Championships, UAH Open Karate Championships and many more. Master James also competed in the West Coast Karate Circuit in Florida winning at the Porter's Coast Open Karate Championships in Jacksonville, FL, sunshine classic open karate tournament, Silver medal winner of the winter taekwondo regionals in auburn al, the Gainesville challenge championships in Gainesville, Florida, and silver winner of the Southern Regional Taekwondo Championships in Columbia, GA. Master James also competed in tournaments in the state of Georgia with fighters such as: World Champion Rickey Murray of new tradition and well known world champion tony young and many more. Master James was also the winner of the 25th silver anniversary southern regional karate tournament (Grand Champion) of black belt fighting in Dothan, AL and a winner of the southern regional brick breaking competition. Master James competed in Middle Weight, Light heavy weight and Heavy weight fighting divisions.


Master James also competed and was a winner in the R.S.K.C tour which is the regional sport karate circuit such as: The Battle of Tennessee, River City Open Championships and more. Competing on this circuit Master James also competed with members of the US Swat Team with national leading fighter Ryan McGriff. Master James also competed and won several 1st places in the Southern States Tournament in Andalusia, AL. Master James gained a lot of experience judging KYU and Black Belt Divisions across the world including karate tournaments for youth sports foundation in Tallahassee, FL, with professor Gallop Franklin. Master James also competed and was a winner in the International Destin Open Karate Championships in Destin, FL, competing in point & Full Contact Bushido Knockdown fighting.


Naming a few, Master James competed and won in black belt divisions such as: the Battle of Atlanta and the Ryu-Ken classic in Montgomery, AL. Master James also competed in the volunteer open in the state of Tennessee.  These are a few accomplishments Master James had the opportunity to compete and judge in order to prepare and pave the way for students and members of the United Scorpion Karate Association.


Master James has also taught numerous self-defense, weapons and kickboxing seminars and workshops. Also, instructing at the Brentwood, Tennessee IKSA friends of the art seminars with: well-known Bill “Super Foot” Wallace, Sifu Rob Moses, Mark Shuey and many more world known Master instructors. Master James has performed & demonstrated at recreational centers, YMCA, churches and public schools in cities and states across the world with weapons, Katas and Brick Breaking.


Master Instructor Issachar M. James serves as the Chief director of the USKA seminar. The USKA annual seminar is a gathering of local and surrounding of member schools in a variety states such as: Alabama, Florida, Texas, Tennessee and many more brought together to train from Grand Masters, Masters and instructors from across the map to perfect one's skills in martial arts.


 Master James attended Pike County High School in Brundidge, AL, were he received his diploma, and went on to attend the Enterprise State Community College studying in business and music.  By doing so Master James received many certificates and awards from seminars and workshops such as: the Enterprise State Community College music workshop with legendary Granville Oldham for continuing education, Omera Music Productions, TLC Music Productions, the Alabama State Indian Affairs Commission on how to find and get a job workshop, with Michael Gilbert instructor.


Master James also participated in a business communication management workshop. Master James also stands as a featured instructor at the Independent Karate Schools of America seminar and camp located in Brentwood Tennessee, and was awarded international instructor of the year. Master James has a vast wealth of knowledge in knowing what it takes to build leaders in communities, and people as a whole by hosting monthly and annual leadership meetings, banquets, workshops and classes. By doing so, Master James was awarded the 2012 International IKSA National milestone Award showing over 20-25 years of martial arts training & experience. Master James the President & Chief Director of the United Scorpion Karate Association and school of kickboxing, is also licensed in retail, and currently holds a membership with the Enterprise Chamber & Licensed through the City of Enterprise and the State of Alabama.


USKA known as the United Scorpion Karate Academy/Association Inc. also reached its goal in becoming a Corporation on February 12, 2007. In 2010 Master James was inducted into the IKSA International Society of Soke which made United Scorpion Karate an International Art. Soke / Master James sets the vision and the path for his students of member schools that will be forming across the world and followers by continuing to trust in God and strive for perfection and greatness. Master James believes by understanding that extraordinary abilities can only come from extraordinary efforts by a leader, then shall one persevere through obstacles of achieving Mastery.






Master Issachar James is also a member and certified instructor of IKSA with Grand Masters and Master Instructors that he has trained with and taught in numerous International seminars with that teach a variety of styles such as:


Grand Master Floyd Burk 10th Dan

Grand Master Bernie Fritz 9th Dan

Grand Master Danny Chapman 9th Dan

Master Lisa Heitke 8th Dan

Grand Master Mark Shuey Sr 10th Dan

Grand Master Bill Super Foot Wallace 10th Dan

These are just a few Instructors of the Martial Arts that Master James has had the honor to teach and train with in seminars. With Master James vast wealth of knowledge and skills, he continues to Learn, Master and Achieve in order to obtain more Wisdom Knowledge and Understand of Martial Arts.